At McClure’s Compounding Pharmacy, we carry our own line of nutritional supplements along with other reputable brands. Our company branded supplements are prepared using the highest quality ingredients and standards in a laboratory right here in Texas. Each supplement goes through 14 quality inspections before it is packaged and shipped to us. In addition to carrying the highest quality nutritional supplements available, our pharmacists’ are here to share their knowledge of how proper supplementation and life style changes can improve your health. We are able to take a look at your current health, medications, and supplement needs and recommend a plan that fits you specifically. We have a private consultation office to provide nutritional consults where we can assess your symptoms, potential nutrient depletion caused by prescription medications, and we also look for potential interactions between supplements and prescription medications. We will custom fit your therapy to your individual needs and lifestyle.

To initiate a consultation, please contact the pharmacy at 512.887.9896